EmerJe Youth Group is a great place to hang with your friends in a safe, fun
place, where we EmerJe in a variety of activities and outings while also learning
about God and what it means to be a Christian today.

Vibrant We strive to engage the youth of today by offering a variety of activities
such as “Dark Night”, Progressive Dinners, Mission Impossible and Master Chef
plus many more. Outings include Bowling, Ice Skating, Dark Zone and Bounce to
name a few.

Welcoming We make every effort at EmerJe to make sure that every single
person is genuinely welcomed and included in our activities and discussions. We
are a close knit bunch that has been blessed with kids that are willing to make
sure this happens along with the leaders.

Radiating At all times we want to shine the love of God to anyone and everyone
we meet and promote this lifestyle through our studying of the Bible and just
being an encouraging support to the kids no matter where they are at in their
journey in life.
You can find us on Facebook LCC EmerJe Youth Group or contact the church to
find out more.
EmerJe Youth Group
Friday Nights 7:15 -9:30pm Yrs 7 - 12