Listen, Think,
Commit, Act!
July        17th  2017  God Is Not Kidding  39 mins  Pastor Peter Bobrige
July        10th  2017  Where Will You Spend Eternity  50 mins  Colin Burne
July        2nd  2017  The Power of God's Word 27 mins Peter Abetz
June      25th  2017  Can We Make Heaven Better 47 mins Paul McAlees
June      18th  2017  Pure Hearts See God 36 mins Pastor Peter Bobrige
June      11th  2017  Moving From a Fearful Heart To Trust 34 mins Pastor Peter Bobrige
June       4th  2017   Compassion  16 mins Pastor Peter Bobrige
May      29th  2017    Give Me This Mountain  35 mins Ben Samuel
May      22nd 2017    Following Our Hearts 33 mins Pastor Peter Bobrige
May       14th 2017    The Prayer of The Heart Matters 38 mins Pastor Peter Bobrige
May         7th 2017   Four Cameos 37 mins Dwight Randall
April      30th 2017    Just Stop Digging 33 mins  Steve Russell
April      23rd 2017   The Heart of the Matter is The Heart  39 mins  Pastor Peter Bobrige
April      16th 2017     Easter Changes Everything  31 mins  Pastor Peter Bobrige
April      14th 2017     The Need For Change 35 mins  Pastor Peter Bobrige and Paul McAlees
April       9th 2017     The Greatest Option Ever Offered  37 mins  Graham Malthouse
April      2nd 2017      Jesus Anointed at Bethany  54 mins  Colin Burne
March  26th 2017      Sieze The Opportunity  40 mins Pastor Peter Bobrige
March  19th 2017      Great Expectations  28 mins David Shaw
March  12th 2017     Change Create Transformation  38 mins Pastor Peter Bobrige
March    5th 2017      Change How do we Embrace It?  44 mins Colin Burne
February 26th 2017  Give Careful Thought To Your Ways  39 mins Paul Mc Alees
February 19th 2017  We Are Not Alone  28 mins Rick Pekan
February 12th 2017  Commitment Brings Fruitfullness  43 mins Pastor Peter Bobrige
February  5th 2017  God The Greatest Giver  37 mins Pastor Peter Bobrige
January  29th 2017  Joshua and Facing The Fear of the Unknown  29 mins Ben Samuel
January  22nd 2017  The Father is Generous and Fair  43 mins Pastor Peter Bobrige
January  15th 2017  Joy as You Embrace the Father's ways in His Vineyard 48 mins Pastor Peter Bobrige
January   8th 2017  The God Who Answers By Fire 48 mins Colin Burne
January    1st 2017  Fullfilling The Purpose Jesus Has Planned For Our Lives  35 mins Pastor Peter Bobrige
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