Lynwood Christian Church is a place to Worship, Belong, Grow and Serve.

To be a vibrant, welcoming church radiating God's love in the community.

What is Church Membership?                 What is Baptism?
The Bible  Is inspired of God, inerrant in the original, entirely trustworthy and the final authority in all
matters of faith and conduct, and a guide for the life of each individual.

God  There is only one living and true God who exists in a Godhead of three persons: The Father, The Son,
and The Holy Spirit, who are equal in substance, power and eternity.

The Lord Jesus Christ  Was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary.
Became Mediator between God and man by His death on the cross. Brings forgiveness of sins to those who
believe the gospel. Was bodily raised from the dead and appeared to many. Ascended into Heaven where He
now intercedes for His people and is coming again in power and judgment.

The Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit indwells all believers enabling them to live godly lives. He equips all
believers with gifts for service to God. He empowers all believers as witnesses of Jesus Christ.

The Church The Church is the company of all believers who have been born again, having been
baptised by the Holy Spirit into one body, of which Jesus Christ is the head. God has given spiritual gifts to His
people for the benefit and growth of the Church, and we seek to develop these in the life of each believer.

Death  Death comes as a consequence of the fall. At death the spirit of man does not cease to exist or
become unconscious.

Salvation  A sinner is justified before God by heart-changing faith in Jesus Christ alone. Every one who
is justified is born of God. This new birth produces holiness of life and good works as they allow the Holy Spirit to
live through them and reject the influences of worldy attitudes.

Baptism  Believers are baptised by full immersion. While baptism is not essential for salvation it is an act
of obedience, which is publicly declared after salvation has been received through faith.

The Lord's Supper  All believers are invited to remember Jesus Christ in His death and
resurrection by sharing together the Lord's Supper, usually each Sunday.

Man  As a consequence of the fall, every individual is born in sin and powerless to please God. No person
has the strength to do the will of God and so must rely on the Holy Spirit's enabling for regeneration, repentance
and sanctification.

The Devil  Satan is an evil personality who is always opposed to God and has evil intentions for

Heaven and Hell  Those who have died will be raised either to life or to condemnation, and the
blessedness of the righteous and the punishment of the unrighteous will both be eternal.

Return Of Christ  The personal return of Jesus Christ to translate His Church is imminent, even
more so as the days go by.
What is Church Membership?
The Bible tells us that when people were baptized, they were added to the church, the Christian Church.
(Acts 2:41)  The Christian Church becomes a family and a body, where the body is made up of
members who each have different gifts. These gifts are used to serve and minister to one another. As a
church, Lynwood Christian Church recognises the benefit of formal membership. Church members are
those who have committed themselves to God and to the other members through the following:
   -  Protecting the unity of the church
   -  Sharing the responsibility of the church
   -  Serving the ministry of the church
   -  Supporting the testimony of the church
If you have already made this commitment to the church, we would encourage you to become a
member. Members also have the ability to vote on decisions of important church matters where required.
If you would like to become a member or know more about church membership, please speak to our
Pastor or one of the our Elders at church or through the church office.
What is Baptism?
The Bible tells us that when people had repented of their sin and made a heart-changing commitment to
Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour they were baptised. (Acts 2:38)  Baptism was an expression of their
faith and commitment to Christ. Baptism represents the following:
  -  Turning to God in repentance and faith
  -  Confessing publicly your personal faith in Jesus Christ
  -  Following Christ's Example
  -  Obedience to Christ's Command
  -  Allegiance to Christ
If you are a follower of Jesus Christ and have put your faith and trust in Him, then Baptism is the public
declaration and confession of your new life in Christ. Baptism is a special occasion to be shared
amongst your family, friends, and your new brothers and sisters in Christ. If you would like to talk further
about baptism, please speak to our Pastor or one of the our Elders at church or through the church