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Commit, Act!

Dec          27th  2015 The_Lame_Sitting_At_The_King's_Table 37 mins Peter Bobrige
Dec          25th  2015 Meet_The_King_Join_His_Kingdom_And_Be_Born_Again 24 mins Peter Bobrige
Dec          20th  2015 Two_Kings_One_Throne 44 mins Peter Bobrige
Dec          13th  2015 Gospel_Of_The_Burning_Bush 39 mins Colin Burne
Dec            6th  2015 King_Jesus_Born_To_Rule 40 mins Peter Bobrige
Nov          29th  2015 From_Ichabod_To_Ebenezer 34 mins Ben Samuel
Nov          15th  2015 LCC-The_Exceptional_Uniqueness_Of_Israel_Part 3 38 mins Peter Bobrige
Nov            8th  2015 LCC-The_Exceptional_Uniqueness_Of_Israel_Part 2 41 mins Peter Bobrige
Nov            1st  2015 LCC-The_Exceptional_Uniqueness_Of_Israel_Part 1 43 mins Peter Bobrige
Oct          25th  2015 Go_Back_To_Go_Forward 47 mins Colin Burne
Oct          18th  2015 We_Are_One_Family 56 mins Paul McAlees
Oct          11th  2015 Who_Are_You_Living_For 40 mins Steve Russell
Oct            4th  2015 Repentance_Is_The_Key 45 mins Peter Bobrige
Sept        27th  2015 The_Unbreakable_Link 41 mins Peter Bobrige
Sept        20th  2015 Becoming_An_Irresistible_Church 37 mins Peter Bobrige
Sept        13th  2015 Eagles_In_The_Bible 27 mins Stephen Downie
Sept          6th  2015 Faith_Says_No_To_The_Status_Quo 43 mins Peter Bobrige
August    30th  2015 Say_No_To_The_Status_Quo 42 mins Peter Bobrige
August    23rd  2015 GOD_Created_Out_Of_Love 26 mins David Smith
August    16th  2015 Authentic Love Releases Controllers 44 mins Peter Bobrige
August      9th  2015 Authentic Love - Forgive Those Who Hurt Us 43 mins Peter Bobrige
August     2nd  2015 Walking in the Spirit  42 mins Peter Bobrige
July         25th  2015 Freedom Peace Truth Transformation  36 mins Bill & Joan Grosser
July           9th  2015 The Attractiveness Of Authentic Love - When You Walk In The Spirit  40 mins Peter Bobrige
July           2th  2015 The Attractiveness Of Authentic Love - It will never fail 41 mins Peter Bo brige
July            5th  2015 The Attractiveness Of Authentic Love 37 mins Peter Bobrige
June         28th  2015  Moses A man of Faith 28 mins Dwight Randall
June         21st  2015  Intimacy With Christ 55 mins. Paul McAlees
June         14th  2015  What Is Your Name 52 mins. Colin Bourne
June          7th  2015  Overcoming Fear The Fear of Man 41 mins. Peter Bobrige
May          31st 2015  Overcoming Fear 37 mins. Peter Bobrige
May           24th 2015  Victim or Victorious 32 mins. Peter Bobrige
May           17th 2015  The Growing Faith of Moses 34 mins. Vaughan Pirie
May           10th 2015  Mother 40 mins. Graham Malthouse
May             3rd 2015  Ambassadors For Christ 40 mins. Peter Bobrige
April          26th 2015  Being God's Representatives 57 mins. Carl Carmody
April           19th 2015  Joseph's Choices 33 mins. Ben Samuel
March       12th  2015  He Ascended Too 39 mins. Peter Bobrige
March         5th  2015  Ressurection - Choose His Will and Path 35 mins. Peter Bobrige
April            3rd  2015  The Greatest Decision Ever 29 mins. Peter Bobrige
March        29th  2015  The Journey Through Israel 45 mins. Charles Jubb
March       22nd  2015  Persecution and The Purposes of God 27 mins. Rudolph van Knappen
March        15th  2015   Model, Love and Teach The Word 40 mins. Peter Bobrige  
March          8th  2015   Guarding Against Idolatry 45 mins. Peter Bobrige  
March          1st  2015   In Demonstration Of The Spirit And Of Power 40 mins. Peter Bobrige  
February    22th 2015   Responding by Faith to God's Call 30 mins. Ken Ridge  
February    15th 2015   Master The Past 48 mins. Peter Bobrige  
February      8th 2015   Saved Serve And Passed 35 mins. Peter Bobrige
February      1st 2015   Can These Bones Live 44 mins. Steve Russell
January      25th 2015   When God Isn't There 41 mins. Colin Burne.
January      18th 2015   The End Is Near - Live Properly So That We Can Pray Powerfully 38 mins. Peter Bobrige.
January      11th 2015   The End Of The End - Keep Emotions & Mind Under Control & Pray 35 mins. Peter Bobrige.
January        4th 2015   The End Is Nigh 37 mins. Peter Bobrige.
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