Listen, Think,
Commit, Act!
December  21st 2014   Christ's Peace For The Worlds 24 mins. Peter Bobrige.  Beginning missed through tech fault.
December  14th 2014   Prince of Peace - More Than A Title 40 mins. Graham Malthouse.
December    7th 2014   What Is Your Life Motivation 51 mins. Bob Burton, visiting speaker.
November  30th 2014   Partial Obedience Equals Disobedience 32 mins. Paul McAlees.
November  23rd 2014   Agape Love 22 mins. Bill Grosser, representing Ruma Abedona Hospice.
November  16th 2014   Redeem Our Time To Connect 32 mins. Peter Bobrige.
November    9th 2014   Time Is A Gift, Redeem It! 36 mins. Peter Bobrige.
November   2nd 2014   Overcoming Complacency  38 mins. Peter Bobrige.
October      26th 2014   Eternal Punishment 33 mins. Barry Cleminson.
October      19th 2014   Compassion 44 mins. James Dorn, from Duncraig Christian Fellowship.
October      12th 2014   Overcoming Anxiety By Battling Unbelief 35 mins. Peter Bobrige.
October        5th 2014   What Amazes Jesus 2 - Unbelief  35 mins. Peter Bobrige.
September 28th 2014   What Amazes Jesus 1 - Faith 37 mins. Peter Bobrige.
September 21st 2014   An Interesting Meal 33 mins. Ross Bunyon, Christian Community Churches of Australia.
September 14th 2014   Revealing God 39 mins. Stephen Downie, from Pocket New Testaments.
September   7th 2014   Silence Is Not Always Golden 38 mins. Peter Bobrige.
August        31st 2014   Not Missing Opportunities  34 mins. Paul McAlees.
August        24th 2014   Faith That Goes The Distance 43 mins. David Huddleston, Campus Crusade for Christ Aust.
August        17th 2014   Inexpressible Joy 41 mins. Steve Russell.
August        10th 2014   Sowing Part 6 - Sowing In The Lifestyle Of Evangelism 41 mins. Peter Bobrige.
August          3rd 2014   Sowing Part 5 - Sow In Righteousness Reap Open Doors  40 mins. Peter Bobrige.
July             27th 2014   Sowing Part 4 - What It Means To Sow In The Holy Spirit 42 mins. Peter Bobrige.
July             20th 2014   Sowing Part 3 - We Sow With A Sense Of Indebtedness 40 mins. Peter Bobrige.
July             13th 2014   Sowing Part 2 - Sowing With Knowledge Of The Fear Of God 44 mins. Peter Bobrige.
July               6th 2014   Sowing Part 1 - The Importance Of Sowing In Evangelism 37 mins. Peter Bobrige.
June         29th 2014   Three Sights   24 mins. Ben Samuel.
June        22nd 2014   Keeping Up Appearances 41 mins. Graham Malthouse.
June         15th 2014   Fishers Of Souls 43 mins. Carl Carmody, from Challenge Literature Fellowship.
June           8th 2014   Living Without Regret 38 mins. Paul McAlees.
June           1st 2014   Pursuing A Deep And Abiding Love Of God - Part 4 35 mins. Peter Bobrige.
May          25th 2014   Pursuing A Deep And Abiding Love Of God - Part 3 42 mins. Peter Bobrige.
May          18th 2014   God's Greatest Gift 23 mins. Charles Jubb.  End of message was cut off due to problem.
May            11th 2014   Is God A Good God 42 mins. Steve Russell.
May              4th 2014   Pursuing A Deep And Abiding Love Of God - Part 2 40 mins. Peter Bobrige.
April           27th 2014   Pursuing A Deep And Abiding Love Of God - Part 1 45 mins. Peter Bobrige.
April           20th 2014   Resurrection Sunday Service 42 mins. Peter Bobrige.
April           18th 2014   Crucifixion Friday Service 32 mins. Peter Bobrige.
April           13th 2014   Humility Redefines Greatness  39 mins. Peter Bobrige.
April             6th 2014   Evolution - Busting The Myth  81 mins.   Question Time  32 mins.
                     Dr David Catchpoole, from Creation Ministries. Public talk at Curtin University - un-edited & remastered.
April             6th 2014   Living As A Born Again Christian 47 mins. Paul McAlees.
March        30th 2014   Humility Draws God's Attention 39 mins. Peter Bobrige.
March        23rd 2014   Our Greatest Foe Is Pride, Greatest Friend Is Humility 34 mins. Peter Bobrige.
March        16th 2014   Priorities And Being Useful  41 mins. Colin Kleing, from Christian Motorcycle Association.
March          9th 2014   Forsaken But Not Forgotten 40 mins. Graham Malthouse.
March         2nd 2014   Followers Of Christ Are Highly Relational 40 mins. Peter Bobrige.
February   23rd 2014   Are We Harvest Workers 36 mins. Steve Russell.
February   16th 2014   Soldiers Of Christ 33 mins. Peter Bobrige.
February     9th 2014   Priority Of Prayer 44 mins. Dwight Randall, from Life Ministries.
February    2nd 2014   The Ways Of God 34 mins. Peter Bobrige.
January     26th 2014   Hero To Zero In One Day 28 mins. Barry Cleminson.
                                    Bill (& Joan) Grosser, from Growing Families Australia.
January     12th 2014   The Battle Of Unbelief 36 mins. Peter Bobrige.
January       5th 2014   Exchange Life In Christ  27 mins. Peter Bobrige.
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