December    29th 2013   What It Means To Follow Jesus  36 mins. Peter Bobrige.
December    25th 2013   Unto Us A Child Is Born  22 mins. Peter Bobrige. 
December   22nd 2013   Costly Discipleship  43 mins. Steve Russell.
December    15th 2013   Life Centred On The Rock  31 mins. Paul McAlees.
December      8th 2013   More Than A Baby  43 mins. Peter Bobrige. 
December      1st 2013   The Yoke Of The Lord  38 mins. Andrew Lansdown - from Life Ministries.
November    24th 2013   Be Courageous  47 mins. Peter Bobrige.
November    17th 2013   Mission Intentional  35 mins. Mat Fricker - from Youth Ministries Australia.
November    10th 2013   The Secret Of God's Blessing  39 mins. George Dawson - visiting speaker from India.
November     3rd 2013   The Church Is Not A Pleasure Boat, But A Life Boat  40 mins. Peter Bobrige.
October       27th 2013   Second Chances  38 mins. Geoff Smith, from Christian Youth Camps.
October       20th 2013   The Next Generation - Will They Know?  28 mins. Ben Samuel.
October       13th 2013   Listen Change Growth: The Fellowship Of The Holy Spirit  43 mins. Peter Bobrige.
October         6th 2013   Listen Change Growth: Overcome Forgetful Hearing  39 mins. Peter Bobrige.
September  29th 2013   The Race Of Faith  30 mins. Greg Gillam - visiting speaker.
September 22nd 2013   Never Despair Of Hope  33 mins. Graham Malthouse.
September  15th 2013   A Brief, But True, History Of Time  59 mins. Mark Harwood, Creation Ministries.
September   8th, 2013   Learning The Art Of Listening Brings Change & Growth  43 mins. Peter Bobrige.
September   1st, 2013   The Prodigal's Father, A Great Model  34 mins. Peter Bobrige.
August 25th 2013   Encouraging The Discouraged   44 mins.
   Carl Carmody, from Challenge Literature Fellowship.
August 18th 2013   The Church As The People Of God   35 mins.
   Moffat Lindsay, from Duncraig Christian Fellowship. 
   Peter Bobrige.                                                  The end of the message was cut off due to technical problem.
August 4th 2013   The Power Of A Promise   35 mins.
   Steve Russell.
July 28th 2013   Change And Growth   34 mins.
July 21, 2013   God's Desire To Fellowship With His People   31 mins.
   Barry Cleminson.
July 14th 2013   Lolo people in Mozambique   47 mins.
   Matt Zook, from New Tribes Missions serving the Lolo people of Mozambique.
July 7th 2013   What's Your Emergency?   31 mins.
   Paul McAlees.
June 30th 2013   Don't Loose Your Grip On Your Integrity   37 mins.
   Graham Malthouse.
June 23rd 2013   One Thing You Lack   35 mins.
   Steve Russell.
June 16th 2013   Evangelism - Life, Not An Event   34 mins.
   Darryl Budge, from Challenge Literature Fellowship (Duncraig C. F.)
June 9th 2013   Christ, His Yoke And Rest   - Matthew ch. 11:20 >   33 mins.
   Greg Gillam - visiting speaker.
June 2nd 2013   Is Evil Winning? - Revelation ch. 12.   29 mins.
   Ben Rae, Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES).
May 26th 2013   Count Your Days So Your Days May Count   27 mins.
   Ben Samuel.
May 19th 2013   The Armour Of God  39 mins.
   Barry Cleminson.
May 12th 2013   Three Memorable Mothers   36 mins.
   Graham Malthouse.
May 5th 2013   The Church As The Bride Of Christ   25 mins.
   Moffat Lindsay, from Duncraig Christian Fellowship.
April 28th 2013   The Great Sin Of A Great Saint   24 mins.
   Brian Jarvey - visiting speaker.
April 21st 2013   What Are We Known For   43 mins.
   Steve Russell.
April 14th 2013   Your Unmissable Appointment   41 mins.
   Graham Malthouse.
April 7th 2013   Rediscovering Your First Love   31 mins.
   Peter Bobrige, from Churches of Christ, South Australia.
March 31st 2013   3 Views Of The Resurrection: Faith, Hope, Love - Resurrection Day   29 mins.
   Graham Malthouse.
March 29th 2013   The 7 Sayings Of Jesus On The Cross - Crucifixion Day   22 mins.
   Barry Cleminson.
March 24th 2013   The Lord Is My Banner   33 mins.
   Steve Russell.                                                 The end of the message was cut off due to technical problem.
March 17th 2013   Living For God   22 mins.
   David Sutherland, from Gideon's Australia.
March 10th 2013   Do You Have A Vision For God   26 mins.
   Ken Ridge, from OMF (Overseas Missionary Fellowship).
March 3rd 2013   Light Of The World   19 mins.
   Moffat Lindsay, from Duncraig C. F..           The end of the message was cut off due to technical problem.
February 24th 2013   A Rhyme And A Reason   23 mins.
   Ben Samuel.
February 17th 2013   Water Ascent   44 mins.
   Charles Jubb.
February 10th 2013   Pray & Preach - Acts 4:23-37   48 mins.
   Brian Stone from Atwell Baptist Church.
February 3rd 2013   Knowing The God Who Knows   18 mins.
   Graham Malthouse.                                       The end of the message was cut off due to technical problem.
January 27th 2013   Priority Living - Sitting At Jesus Feet   45 mins.
   Steve Russell.
January 20th 2013   Looking Up, Looking Out   28 mins.
   Andrew Broadbent, from TEAR Australia.
January 13th 2013   Glorifying Jesus   30 mins.
   Barry Cleminson.
January 6th 2013   Hope For A Refugee   27 mins.
   Graham Malthouse.
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